Why a blog about intentional communities? It’s not just intentional communities, it’s living intentionally.

Let me explain. I grew up a fairly typical suburban existence, dinner in front of the television, food from supermarkets, driving to get everywhere, hemmed in by strip malls and superhighways (you guessed it, I’m from New Jersey). There was no town center, there was no real community- besides knowing my immediate neighbors and friends from school, I didn’t feel connected to the people in my environment. My High School English teacher said most of the people you know are an accident of geography. A community isn’t a community just because people are in the same place, at the same time.

We don’t really know each other anymore.

I definitely have my hesitations about the idea of intentional communities. They are challenging on a deep and interpersonal level, they are a lot of work, and they involve some amount of compromising my (overvalued?) (American) sense of independence. Most of all, I wonder if the idea of intentional communities are not in fact somehow polarizing somehow…separating the intentional community from the rest of society in a way.

But we can’t deny it, our economic systems are just not sustainable for the planet or the health of humanity. I see intentional communities as way people get together and initiate change on the most basic level possible, sharing resources, strengths, and achieving economic independence while

But intentional communities are not for everyone.

This is where living intentionally comes in. Maybe you’re like me and just started paying attention to all the ways you…well, don’t pay attention. Sometimes we go through life on autopilot, not really connecting to those around us or our environment or the consequences of our seemingly small decisions. Living intentionally is an entry point to a more aware way of living, and it can start small, by talking to a neighbor, for example, or promising to cook a meal at home twice a week, or buying more locally produced products.

This blog is an attempt to explore ways people are finding alternatives to the isolation and consumerism inherent in American life. It will not just explore intentional communities, eco-villages, urban coops, and other living solutions, but also provide a glimpse into small ways you can also try and live intentionally as well.

If you’re interested, check this blog for more updates in the days and weeks to come, and please take our brief quiz to get started on the road to living more intentionally.



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    I understand. I’m from New Jersey, too. South Jersey. LIke the blog.

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