Fall Harvest at Skipley Farm

Fall Harvest at Skipley Farm

Skipley Farm is the creation of Gil Schieber, who spent over 28 years working at the Good Shepard Center and as a gardener at Seattle Tilth. Today, in addition to full time farming, Gil also has a sustainable landscape design business in Snohomish as well.

“When I went and stuck my hands in the soil it was nothing I’ve ever felt before…so much richer than the soil in Seattle.” he says.

And the soil certainly yields: apple trees, blueberries, grapes, cane fruits, kiwis, winter-born huckleberries, and plums of all kinds grow on this farm. A full hydroponics set-up with gravel filtrations systems make the produce taste even better.

“It’s like eating superfood.” One farm-goer describes it. “The potatoes just taste like they are bursting with life.”

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Gil’s farm has an open, ad-hoc spirit; he freely admits he’s figuring it out as he goes along. His larger vision for the farm includes more convergences: regular events like the one I attended, with workshops on everything from biodynamics, building rocket-mass heaters, permaculture practice and composting, to local commerce initiatives and forming autonomous nations like Cascadia.

Gil has never looked back on “city life.”

“There’s a certain kind of bliss you get, a satisfaction of the body, when working with this soil. When you look up and see the land just dripping with grapes. I call it ‘garden yoga’.”

Find out more about Skipley Farm here, and find them on Facebook!